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Get this – there are over 350 hop varieties out there. And they just keep coming, like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat, except it’s hops, and it takes a whopping 10 to 15 years to get these hoppy bunnies from the fields to your fridge!

Hops are the rock stars of the beer world, split into three groovy groups.

The bitter bros, the aromatic aces, and the double-duty dynamos.

Now, let’s talk craft beer – the reigning champ of the beverage universe. Aromatic hops are stealing the spotlight, and for good reason. You’re not just sipping a beer; you’re embarking on a taste bud safari.

Imagine a symphony of citrus, a carnival of stone and tropical fruits, and a forest of resin and pine, all doing the tango on your tongue. Plus, a dash of herbal-tea vibes and a pinch of spice to keep things zesty. That’s the hoppy harmony we’re after!

Think of hops as the secret sauce, the je ne sais quoi, the… well, you get the picture.

And guess what? We’ve crammed all this hoppy goodness onto one glorious page just for you. We’re talking a world tour of varieties, tips on pairing them with your brew like a pro, and squeezing every last drop of flavor out of them.

Plus, you’ll get the 411 on hop farming and the surprising ways hops can jazz up your life beyond the bottle.

We’re even spilling the beans on how hops can be the unsung heroes of your health. (Spoiler: they’re basically little green doctors.)

So, let’s hop to it and plunge into this hop-tastic world together!

Cheers to our hoppy journey, my friend! 🍻

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Hop Varieties

Beer Styles

Beer Brewing

Our History

Our hop-growing saga kicked off a whopping 70 years back when our granddaddy Stanislaw – a firecracker of a guy in his roaring twenties – started wrestling with these green beauties. When he planted his hoppy dreams into the soil of his very first farm.

Fast forward to today, and look at us now – we’re pretty much hop royalty. To our granpop’s last day the only thing that’s aged was the number of harvests under his belt. His spirit? Was still as feisty as a fox in a henhouse.

His ideas? Fresher than morning dew on a hop cone.

The man’s a legend, and his hop legacy?

Well, it’s the family business now, with his sons and grandchildren all hitched to the same starry-eyed dream. To say we’re just “passionate” about hops is almost like calling a thunderstorm a gentle breeze.

Nope, we’re all in – living, breathing, and dreaming in hops. Sure, those little green beauties gave us our fair share of tough love growing up, but life without them? Not an option!

And here’s the best part.

We’re itching to spill all our hop secrets and share this wild love affair with you. So grab a pint and let’s toast to grandpa Stanislaw, to hops, and to the endless adventures they bring! 🌿