Legacy Hops

Legacy Hops: Picking the Perfect Beer Style for This Heritage Humulus

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If you’ve been poking around the hoppy side of beer brewing, you’ve probably bumped into Legacy hops. Think of them as the vintage vinyl of hop varieties. They’ve got a classic groove that’s hard to replicate. 

Hailing from the US, Legacy hops bring a floral and spicy kick to your brewing party. With a blackcurrant vibe that’ll have your beers doing the electric slide right out of the bottle.

When it comes to beer styles, that’s the cool part.

Imagine Legacy hops as the life of the party in IPAs, Pale Ales, and American stouts. Their moderate bitterness and aromatic twang fit in like that one friend who’s welcome at every shindig. 

Whether you’re a brewing newbie or a seasoned pro…

…knowing how to swing it with Legacy hops can elevate your beer from just another keg on the block to the stuff of sudsy legends. Ready to let your brews inherit the Legacy charm? 

Strap in, brewmaster, it’s going to be a strong hoppy ride!

Key Takeaways

  • Legacy hops are a versatile, US-origin hop with moderate bitterness and a fruity, floral, spicy profile.
  • Ideal for IPAs, Pale Ales, and American stouts, they add a classic touch to various beer styles.
  • Understanding Legacy hops’ characteristics can help you brew bold, memorable beers.


What Are Legacy Hops?

You’ve stumbled upon a hop variety that’s as intriguing as a mystery novel, but I promise it’s less perplexing than a who-done-it. Legacy Hops are your ticket to a bold and flavorful brewing adventure.

Historical Significance

Get this. Legacy Hops are relatively new to the scene, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves. Pretty much like your cousin who went viral for that bizarre dance move. 

Originating from the USA, particularly in the Yakima Valley of Washington State.

Or to be exact from Puterbaugh Farms, Washington.

This family’s hop-growing tradition goes back 5 generations.

These hops are as American as apple pie and superhero movies. What sets them apart is their distinct aroma profile that eschews the typical noble-style hop aroma for…

…something more rebellious and fruity.

Main Characteristics

  • Purpose: Dual / Universal
  • Aromas: Strong hoppy, Grapefruit, Orange, Floral, Black currant, Black berries
  • Notes: Spicy, Grassy, sometimes Piney or Earthy
  • Alpha-acids: 7.8% – 8.1% [bitterness added through boiling]
  • Beta-acids: 4.9% – 5.2% [bitterness added through lagering]
  • Cohumulone: no details [bitterness profile: low = smooth, high = sharp]
  • Hops oil breakdown: no details [responsible for flavors and aromas]
    • Myrcene: no details [resinous, citrus, fruity]
    • Humulene: no details [noble, woody, spicy]
    • Caryophyllene: no details [spicy, piney, herbal]
    • Farnesene: no details [fresh, green, floral]
Legacy Hops - graphic summary

Common Legacy Hop Facts

Now, hold onto your pint glass, because we’re diving into the nitty-gritty. There aren’t a lot of “varieties” of Legacy hops since they’re a variety in themselves. They stand out with their wild, fruity party of aromas.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Alpha Acid: Typically, they chill around 7.8 – 8.4%.
  • Flavor Profile: Think grapefruit meets spicy, with a side of floral elegance.
  • Friends: They mingle well with Cascade for that citrusy zest.
  • Rivals: If you can’t find them, you might flirt with Galena, Northern Brewer, or Cluster.
  • Beer Styles: They’re the life of the party in American pale ales, IPAs, and even American stouts where a bit of a wild note doesn’t just show up. It practically moonwalks through the door.


So, next time you’re brewing and you want to add some zing to your thing…

…Legacy Hops could be your secret handshake to an unforgettable beer. 

Sensory Profile of Legacy Hops

Get ready to tickle your taste buds with the scoop on Legacy hops’ aromatic charm.

You’re about to become a Legacy connoisseur!

Flavor and Aroma Characteristics

You’re not ready for this jelly. Oh wait, I mean berry. Legacy hops pack a punch with fruity undertones that scream blackberry and currant. Imagine a fruit salad but in your beer. 

And let’s not forget the classic citrus vibe, giving you that zesty nod of orange and grapefruit. This hop is like that friend who always brings the fun to the party, bursting with lively flavors.

Identifying Subtle Notes

Sniff, sniff – what’s that? 

The subtle whisper of grassy and spice is what gives Legacy its understated charm. It’s like a stealthy ninja in a field of flowers, blending subtle earthy undertones with a dash of floral flair. 

You’ll catch these notes on a good day, just like finding loose change in the sofa. Keep your senses sharp, and you’ll pick up the playful dance of spicy and floral.

The Essential Oil Ensemble

Who knew beer could be an essential oil diffuser? 

Legacy hops are a botanical fiesta of aromatic oils. 

Here’s a quick peek at what’s inside:

  • Myrcene: That absurdly fruity kick? That’s this guy.
  • Caryophyllene: Think of the spicy notes in your grandma’s kitchen.
  • Farnesene: Subtle floral whispers say “hello” here.
  • Humulene: It brings the noble-ground game to life.


These oils harmonize like the world’s best barbershop quartet right in your glass. 

Each sip is a symphony, and you’re the conductor!

The Brewing Process With Legacy Hops

You’re about to get your brewmaster hands on some Legacy hops, aren’t you? They’re like the Iron Man of hops. Just less iron, but versatile and packed with flavor. Let’s dive right into making the most of these bad boys in your next brew.

Choosing the Legacy Hop

When you’re rummaging through your brew cave for the perfect hop addition, consider the unique characteristics of Legacy hops. They’ve got a respectable alpha acid percentage, typically around 8%.

Which gives them the chops for both bittering and adding aroma. 

Picture yourself deciding whether you want that graceful blackberry and currant to pirouette through your ale. Or an elegant floral aroma making your beer its signature dance floor. 

Make the right choice here, and your beer could be the talk of the town.

Bittering Versus Aroma Contributions

Legacy hops can kickstart the bitterness in your brew without being a total bully about it. The International Bitterness Units (IBU) that Legacy can contribute depends on when you throw them into the boil.

If you’re looking for a more pronounced bitterness, let them join the party early on in the boil. For aroma? Well, my friend, you’ll introduce them later. Say, the last 10 minutes or so.

This is your canvas, and Legacy hops are your eclectic palette.

Dry Hopping with Legacy Magic

Ready to get zesty with dry hopping? With Legacy hops, you’re adding a layer of blackberry jam and a twist of floral notes without even trying. Dry hop them in the last few days of fermentation to really let those aromas shine through. 

You’ll be sniffing your beer more than you sip it, and don’t worry, you won’t be the only one. Dry hopping with these bad boys isn’t a subtle nudge. It’s a flavor bear hug for your beer.

Legacy Hops Beers

Brewing Stages and Amounts

Now, let’s talk shop – brewing stages! 

You want to show Legacy some love early on, so let’s start with the boil. Add about 1 ounce of these babies at the 60-minute mark to lay down a solid bitterness foundation. 

It’s like setting the stage for an epic rock concert in your mouth.

But wait, there’s a plot twist! 

Legacy hops can also be the life of the late addition party. 

Toss another 0.5-1 ounce into the boil with 15 minutes to go, and watch the flavor profile of your beer go from “meh” to “more, please!” It’s the hop equivalent of a guitar solo that makes the crowd go wild.

Now, for the grand finale: dry hopping. Grab another 0.5-1 oz of Legacy and introduce them to your beer after fermentation. This is where the magic happens. It’s like sprinkling fairy dust on your brew, and poof! 

Aromatic wonders abound.

Pro-tip: for something more robust, like IPA you might wanna double that.

Perfect Pairs: Beer Styles and Legacy Hops

Legacy Hops are like that well-traveled friend of yours who somehow fits in everywhere. They bring a zesty blackcurrant punch with a sidekick of floral spice that can harmonize with a whole band of beer styles.

Ales and Their Legacy Hop Counterparts

When it comes to ales, think of Legacy hops as the life of the party. 

For your American Pale Ale, it’s like sprinkling a dose of fruity joy into your brew. Picture those black-currant notes doing the salsa with the malty rhythms of your pale ale. Or orange and grapefruit for that matter.

And what about an India Pale Ale (IPA)? 

Legacy hops have that moderate alpha acid kick. Plus that insane hoppyness.

The one that adds a tangy twist without overpowering the hop ensemble.

  • American Pale Ale: A fruit-meets-bitter symphony.
  • India Pale Ale: Sharp, yet plays well without stealing the spotlight.
  • Belgian Ale: Adds a new wave of aroma, turning your ale Belgian chic.
  • Wheat Beer: Legacy hops throw in a berry-like surprise for a lush wheat field daydream.


Other Ales Love Legacy Too

Light Ales tend to be the cool, crisp characters at the back of the fridge. But with Legacy hops, you give them a passport to Flavor Town. A crisp Golden Ale with Legacy’s spicy blackcurrant vibes can turn your ordinary backyard BBQ into an exotic feast.

  • Golden Ale: Gets a refreshing pop of fruit from Legacy.
  • Winter Ale: Cozy up with the spicy warmth Legacy brings.


Wanna the secret? Lagers don’t want to miss out on the fun, too.

Stouts and Porters: A Darker Approach

Pouring a stout or porter is like diving into the deep end of the beer pool. Now, jazz up your Oatmeal Stout with some Legacy action. You’ve just got yourself a rich brew with a cheeky berry twist. 

It’s like finding an unexpected berry bramble in a chocolate forest.

  • Stouts: Complex richness with a secretive fruity whisper.
  • Porters: A roasty backdrop where Legacy’s spicy hints take the stage.


Whether you’re brewing a laid-back lager or a robust stout, Legacy hops have the versatility to lift your beer game. So go ahead, toss ’em into your next brew and watch the magic happen. 

Cheers to your audacious brewing adventures!

Substituting Legacy Hops in Modern Brewing

So, you’ve hit a snag with Legacy hops playing hard to get or just want to jazz up your brew routine? Don’t sweat it. Let’s cover your bases on the swap-game and pairing dance.

Alternatives for the Unavailable

Legacy hops can be elusive, like that one clean sock in a mountain of laundry. When they’re playing hide and seek, you’ve got options. Willamette hops can save the day with their similar floral notes. 

Just remember, while these can sub in, like a stunt double…

…they may not give you that exact Legacy punch.

Experimenting with Blends

Let your inner mad scientist out and get experimental with hop blends. 

Cascade hops bring a grapefruit zing while throwing in some Citra can introduce a citrusy, tropical twist. Perfect for those who like to color outside the beer lines. 

Ready to dial up the complexity? Toss in a pinch of Amarillo for a deeper fruit melody. Mosaic hops could also crash the party for a berry-good time.

Usually Paired With

Think of Legacy hops as the ultimate wingman. 

They’re chill with a bunch of varieties:

  • Amarillo? Sure thing.
  • Columbus or Cascade? Oh, definitely!
  • Chinook or Simcoe? Why not!


Mixing Legacy hops with these buds can be like a buddy-cop movie for your palate. Full of unexpected turns and thrilling finishes. Keep in mind that each hop brings its own flair to the mix, so expect a hoppy harmony.

Definitely more interesting than your cousin’s vacation slides.

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