Hops Glossary – New Wave Hops: Your Beer’s Hipster Flavors Unleashed!

New Wave Hops

In the frothy world of craft beer, there’s a revolution brewing, and you’re on the front lines, pint glass in hand. Enter the New Wave Hops. The superheroes of the beer universe.  These are not your grandpappy’s hops. They’re bolder, they’re brasher, and they pack a flavorful punch that can knock your taste buds into […]

Hops Glossary – Myrcene: The Aromatic Alchemist of Ale Aromas


If you’re diving into the world of brewing, myrcene is a term you’ll bump into as frequently as revelers at a beer festival. It’s one of the most common aroma compounds in hops. Hops is that magical plant responsible for the bitter taste and seductive aromas in your favorite craft brews. Myrcene is the unsung […]

Hops Glossary – Lupulin: The Sticky Lowdown on Beer’s Buzzy Little Friend

Lupulin Powder

If you’re nosing around the beer world, you’ve likely heard whispers of the word “lupulin,” and trust me, it’s a term to get hoppy about. Hidden within the small green cones called hops, lupulin is the golden ticket to your beer’s soul-stirring flavors and aromas. Picture this: a microscopic trove of oils and resins… …packed […]

Hops Glossary – Humulene: Unraveling the Mystery of Beer’s Balsamic Bestie

Humulene in Hops

Humulene is the unsung hero of hops, often overshadowed by its flashier cousin, myrcene. But don’t let that fool you; humulene packs a punch of its own. A major terpene in the hop plant brings that earthy, woody aroma. You might associate it with sitting by a campfire… …and contemplating the meaning of beer. Imagine […]

Hops Glossary – Growth Rate: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Brewery

Hops Growth Rate

Understanding the growth rate of hops is like watching a time-lapse video. Everything happens super fast, but you don’t get rapid results. Your hops are determined to climb, and by climb, I mean shoot up like tiny green superheroes. They have one mission. To reach for the sky, conquer trellises, and chuckle at your impatience. […]

Hops Glossary – Farnesene: The Aromatic VIP of Craft Beer Secrets


Farnesene, that elusive magician lurking within the bines of hops, is something of a hidden gem in the brewing world. Think of it as the secret sauce, the unsung hero that imparts an aromatic whisper to your favorite brews. It’s a compound that shows up to the party, but not everyone notices. Unless it’s absent, […]

Hops Glossary – Essential Oils: A Zesty A-Z of Aromatic Accents

Essential Oils in Hops

Hops oils are the unsung heroes of your beer, the secret agents imparting aroma, flavor, and personality to every pint. Ever wondered why your favorite IPA smells like a pine forest intertwined with a citrus grove? Thank hops oils. They’re like the essential oils of the beer world… …and they pack a punch in the […]

Hops Glossary – Dual Purpose Hops: A Brewer’s BFF for Ales & Lagers

Dual Purpose Hops

In the dynamic world of beer brewing, you’ve likely stumbled upon the term “dual purpose hops”, but what’s all the buzz about? Imagine hops being the Swiss Army knife in a brewer’s pocket. They’re the versatile stars that do more than one job. Dual purpose hops have high enough alpha acids for bittering. They also […]

Hops Glossary – Cohumulone: The Bitter Truth Tapped Out


Ah, hops! They’re not just for bunnies, you know. In the charismatic world of beer brewing, they’re the real rockstars. Hops do more than just add a bounce to your beer. They’re complex little flowers with a lot going on beneath the petals. One star of the hop show? Cohumulone, a name that sounds like […]

Hops Glossary – Caryophyllene: Your Aromatic Guide to Beer’s Spicy Sidekick


When diving into the world of hops, you’ll often bump into a word that sounds like it was plucked straight from a botany textbook: caryophyllene. It may sound fancy, but stick with me. The cool kids call it the “spice of life” in the brewery. Caryophyllene is a spicy compound. Kinda. It hops into your […]