Table Beer and Hops Varieties Suitable for Brewing on Your Coffee Table

Table Beer

Table beer is the laid-back cousin in the beer family, perfect for when you want to kick back without the kick. This low-alcohol brew is like a marathon runner. It’s all about lasting the distance, not sprinting to the finish line.  You can quaff it all day at a picnic without turning into the town […]

Dunkelweizen and Hops Suitable for Brewing Up a Storm in a Beer Stein


If you’re thirsting for a brew that’ll tickle your fancy and hug your taste buds like a warm embrace from an old friend, meet Dunkelweizen. This dark and lovely cousin of Hefeweizen is a veritable chocolaty twist on the classic wheat beer. Its amber glow and seductive spice notes will have you swooning. Dunkelweizen has […]

Imperial Stout and Hops Suitable for Brewing a Royale with Yeast

Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout, that grand, dark brew you’ve heard whispered about in the halls of craft beer Valhalla, isn’t just a beer. It’s an experience. It’s the heavyweight boxer of the stout world, known in some circles as the Russian Imperial Stout (RIS). And it packs a punch with robust flavors and a high ABV. The […]

Belgian Quadrupel and Hops Suitable for Crafting a Brew that Hops to It

Belgian Quadrupel

Belgian Quadrupel is the heavyweight champion in the world of beers. And if you’re aiming to brew one, you’ll want to get cozy with the right hops varieties. This beer style packs a punch with its high alcohol content, typically north of 10% ABV, and offers a complexity. The one that can light up a […]

Belgian Golden Strong Ale and Hops Suitable for Crafting an Ale-mazing

Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Belgian Golden Strong Ale: a deceptive name for a cheeky brew, don’t you think? This potent potable packs a wallop, cloaked in a beguiling golden hue. It’s like the Clark Kent of beers. But instead of a cape, it’s got a killer ABV. On the level that’ll have you chatting up statues in no time. […]

Wheat Beer and Hops for Crafting Brews That Whisper “Wheat” With Every Sip

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are the mavericks of the ale world. Frolicking in the fields of flavor with a sweet, bready baseline that loves a good hoppy hook-up. Picture this. You’re sipping on a glass of Weizen, its hazy golden hue winking at you from beneath a creamy head of foam. It’s light, it’s spritzy, it’s got […]

Extra Special Bitter Beer Style: Your Guide to Bitter Bliss!

Extra Special Bitter

Extra Special Bitter, or ESB for short, is like the rebel cousin in the beer family who doesn’t quite play by the rules. This style stands out with its rich, complex flavors. And if you haven’t given it a fair shake… …you’re missing out on a page in your beer-loving biography. Its name is a […]

Best Bitter Beer Style: A Hoppy Haven for Taste Bud Thrills

Best Bitter

Best Bitter beer. It’s like that reliable old friend who’s always there to give you a bit of balance in life. But in liquid form. With its roots deeply planted in the British brewing tradition, this beer style has become a staple for those who fancy a pint that’s hearty yet effortlessly drinkable. If you’re […]

Ordinary Bitter Beer Style: Nothing Bitter About This Classic Ale!

Ordinary Bitter

If you’re craving a beer that won’t knock you flat after a couple of pints, let me introduce you to the humble hero of British pubs: the Ordinary Bitter. This classic ale style has been quenching thirsts since before your grandad’s time. And it’s still going strong! Thanks to its understated charm and supreme drinkability. […]